Baxter is a minor character who works for Spottswoode as both his limo driver and bartender. He doesn't say a single word throughout the movie. He drives both Spootswoode and Gary around in the flying limo when required to do so. He also mixes drinks and cocktails at the bar in the team base.

Background Edit

Baxter is present when Spottswoode meets Gary for the first time, and he takes them to the home base of Team America at Mount Rushmore. After Gary decides not to join the team, Baxter drives him around, as Gary requests that he wants to take a detour. Eventually, Gary decides he will help the team and Baxter returns him back to the base. Later, after the team successfully stops the Chechnyan Terrorist and his associates in Cairo, Baxter mixes drinks at the base as the team celebrate the success of the operation and the welcoming of Gary to the team. Baxter is not seen again after these events.

During the protests at Mount Rushmore the following day; Michael Moore, sneaks into the hangar of Team America's base and detonates a bomb, killing himself and blowing up most of the teams base inside Mount Rushmore. Although it is never confirmed, it is very likely that Baxter was killed in this explosion as well. Due to the fact that Baxter was present at the base the night before, and the fact that Spottswoode says his name as it's revealed someones broken into the hangar, the evidence would suggest he died in the explosion, as he is never seen again after it occurs. The limo is also destroyed in the explosion as Michael detonates the bomb right next to it. This is further backed up by the fact that it doesn't return later on, suggesting the end of both Baxter and the limo.

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