"Jean Francois? Jean Francois?"
―French Mother
The French Mother is a minor character in Team America: World Police. She is a woman who lives in Paris with her young son, Jean Francois.

Background Edit

One day, she and Jean Francois head into the square. However, she temporarily loses him amongst the crowd of people. As she calls for his name, Jean Francois walks along the road with an ice cream in his hand singing frère Jacques. Suddenly, he inadvertently bumps into a terrorist from behind, who turns around and frowns at him angrily. Jean Francois stands still in shock staring at the terrorist as he walks away. As the terrorists convey at the fountain, the French Mother finds him and he points out the terrorists to her, noticing the WMDs they are holding. The two of them look at the terrorists in shock when they are suddenly spotted. Before the terrorists can do anything however, Team America arrive by helicopter and order the terrorists to surrender. However, the terrorists refuse and a gunfight ensues. The French Mother and Jean Francois remain hidden during the fight. After the terrorists are all taken down, the team gather by the fountain and Joe informs the crowd of people they are safe and that the terrorists have been stopped. The French Mother and Jean Francois can be seen together amongst the crowd as they look around in shock at the damage the team have caused.


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