Kim's spaceship used to fly to Gyron.

Gyron was a planet and was the home of Kim Jong-il.


After Kim Jong-il is killed in human form, he reveals that he is actually a Zypod, which is an alien cockroach. He then flees in his miniature spaceship and flies away, presumably back to Gyron. In the end credit song at the end of Team America: World Police, Kim sings a song and reveals that he was originally from a planet called Gyron. He says he and his species are Zypods, which are small alien cockroaches. 

Kim was sent to conquer Earth and get all the Earthlings to kill each other so that his species of Zypods could take over the planet for themselves. On Gyron, the Zypods share the planet with Balmacks, which are giant bees, and the two species are at constant war. The Zypods want a new home which is what Earth was supposed to be for them. Kim left his planet to discover a new one, and ended up finding Earth. His plan was to kill all the humans so his species could take over the planet, thus ending the war and allowing them to live in peace. When his plan failed however, Kim was forced to return home a failure, and Gyron became smeared with Balmack pollen. He blames Alec Baldwin for ruining his plan as he failed to do his job.


  • Gyron is never actually mentioned in the movie, only in the end credit song, "You are Worthless Alec Baldwin", or "Kim Jong-il" as the song is sometimes known as. It is sung by Trey Parker as Kim Jong-il.
  • The planet is often incorrectly spelt as "Xiron" or "Giron", but if you listen carefully it is clearly pronounced with a "G", and most lyric websites and subtitles in the actual film spell it as "Gyron".