"Hey, terrorist. Terrorize this!"
Lisa is a major character and the female lead in Team America: World Police. She is the love interest of both Carson and Gary Johnston. She is a member of Team America who specializes in how the terrorists think, being an expert psychologist.

Early Life Edit

Lisa is an expert psychologist who helps the team out by specializing in how terrorists think. She claims it is usually a case of malignant narcissism brought on during childhood.

At some point, Lisa was recruited into Team America by Spottswoode, and was in a relationship with fellow team member, Carson.

Background Edit

One day, Lisa, along with the rest of Team America, heads to Paris, France to prevent a terrorist attack. She arrives on the scene armed with a shotgun which she uses to kill one of the terrorists firing at civilians in the street. After the chaos is over, she meets her love interest Carson at the fountain in the square, where he proposes to her with an engagement ring. Lisa holds the ring and is extremely happy. Before she can accept his proposal, he is suddenly gunned down by a surviving terrorist. Joe and Chris manage to kill the terrorist, but not before he succeeds in killing Carson. Lisa drops the ring and screams and weeps as Carson dies in her arms. His dying words to her are to move on and find someone else, because he wants her to be happy.

Later on, Spottswoode arrives back at the Team America H.Q. at Mount Rushmore with new recruit and Broadway actor, Gary Johnston. When Lisa first meets him at the base, the two are clearly attracted to one another. After Spottswoode tells Gary about the team, Gary declines the offer to join and leaves. Lisa chases after him and tells him he has the power to do something, she gives him her card and tells him to call her if heeds any help. This works, and Gary later returns to be part of the team.

Lisa then assists the team on the mission to Cairo, where Gary infiltrates a terrorist cell run by a Chechnyan Terrorist. While in Cairo, Lisa learns from her fellow team member Sarah, that Sarah is attracted to Gary. After Carson's death, Lisa advises her not to get involved with another team member as it is too painful should they be killed. When the terrorists learn that Team America are onto them, they flee with Gary in a Jeep across the desert. Chris and Joe chase after them, unaware Gary is amongst them. Sarah infiltrates the bar Gary had entered, kills everyone inside and learns that Gary is not among them. Lisa already realizing what is happening, chases after Gary on a motorcycle. She manages to grab a hold of Gary and put him on the back of her motorcycle, saving his life before the remaining terrorists are killed by Chris. The team then return to Mount Rushmore to celebrate.

During the party, Lisa meets with Gary outside where he confesses to his attraction for her. Lisa at first holds him off as she still has feelings for Carson. Gary says he knows about this and advises her to move on. She agrees to make love with him if he promises her that he will never die, to which he immediately does. The two of them then make love and have sex. The following day, the team learn from I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E. that a massive terrorist attack occurred at Panama Bay, a revenge attack from Team America's involvement in Cairo. Gary blames himself for the deaths and decides to leave. Lisa begs him to say and Sarah learns that the two of them slept with each other, which makes Sarah dislike Lisa. Gary leaves and the team are sent into battle with terrorists. Lisa is shot down from the sky in the Osprey and crashes into the water. She is then captured along with the other members and taken to North Korea.

Lisa and the others then learn that Kim Jong-il has been behind all the terrorist attacks and has imprisoned the team at his palace in North Korea. Kim then tells them his plan of global mass destruction. After Lisa insults Kim and calls him a lonely man, a word which Kim detests, he angrily decides that Lisa will get a front-row seat of the carnage that will unfold. His guards take her to the theater room while Sarah screams at him to release her and says she forgives Lisa for sleeping with Gary and that they're still friends. Kim has Lisa tied to a chair a few feet away from where he stands. While Alec Baldwin entertains the world leaders, Lisa warns Kim that his plan won't work and something will stop it. She then continues to mock him.

The event is interrupted when Gary shows up with the other team members and she is very pleased to see he's returned. Gary then out acts Alec Baldwin and wins over the crowd. Kim then shoots and kills Alec and announces his plan. Lisa moves her chair across the floor and kicks Kim over the railing. Gary then head up to her and unties her from the chair. She quickly tells Gary to cancel the attack to which he does and prevents the global attack from occurring. Lisa then reunites with Gary and starts up a relationship with him. When Kim is revealed to be an alien cockroach, known as a Zypod, he flees in a spaceship and vows to return and carryout his revenge. Gary says they'll be waiting for him to which Lisa replies "fuck yeah."

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