A list of animated storyboards that were shown in the Special Features segment of the Team America World Police Uncensored DVD.

Paris OpeningEdit

An alternate version of the Paris scene at the beginning of the movie which would've shown five terrorists instead of four in the film, also Carson killing one by shooting him in a vat of hot oil.

Gary's FlashbackEdit

A storyboard that was cut from the final film, this segment is a flashback that reveals Tommy's death. Instead of being killed by gorillas, Tommy died while in a kayak race with Gary during a family picnic. Gary accidentally hits Tommy in the face with his paddle, knocking him out, and his parents telling Gary to save him, but it came too late, as Tommy goes over a waterfall, and lands on some rocks, killing him.

A Member Of The TeamEdit

A storyboard segment that was shortened out from the final film. After Gary joins Team America, Spottswoode tells Gary that his death had to be faked in order to join the team, and hands him a newspaper showing that Gary by being shot dead by police after raping a 5 month old baby, which greatly angers him that people thinks he's a child molester, 'cause Spottswoode thinks a car accident sounds cliche, and to make it more believable, the news article, according to the metro police, stated that Gary has been having sex with babies all his life. I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E. was originally named F.O.N.Z.Y., and instead of finding the WMDs from the terrorists, Cairo has been overrun by a small group of Libyan terrorists, taking over the government, and threatening the Muslims, and Gary will be disguised as a terrorist in order to find out where the terrorists are getting their funds.

Kim Jong Il's Underwater LairEdit

A storyboaard segment that was heavily altered & cut from the final film. Instead of his palace, Kim Jong-Il has a underwater lair. When a terrorist enters the room where Kim Jong-Il is, Kim asks the terrorist what happened in Cairo, and when the terrorist tells him about Team America, Kim Jong-Il gets so furious about it, as he needed world chaos to fulfill his master plan, he tells the terrorist he failed him for the last time. Despite the terrorist's plea for another chance, Kim pulls the level, and the terrorist is eaten alive by barracudas, and he mocks the dead terrorist by telling him to wave his arms so he'll live longer. Kim Jong-Il then tells his men to prepare is hovercraft, as they're going to proceed with Plan H, however one of his men though Cairo was Plan H, but Kim said Cairo was Plan G, but another of his men said that Paris was Plan G, then under threat of getting eaten by the barracudas, the men scramble to get the hovercraft ready.

F.A.G. Meets Team AmericaEdit

A storyboard segment that was altered from the final film. Team America is shown being tortured by Kim Jong-Il's men, he comes in and reveals to Team America he's been the one arming all terrorists around the world to commit chaos, so that he can become supreme world leader - by airing a worldwide television broadcast that see him as the solution to every problem. Knowing that the USA won't be accepting him as a leader, he sends in the Film Actors Guild, under promise that he'll create a "share land", a world with violence, and giving control of America to them. Team America points out that he's just going to use them, and them kill them, but fall on deaf ears. As the F.A.G. prepare for the broadcast, Kim tells his men to bring Lisa to his room, which they mistakenly try to release Sarah at first cause she was not "the pretty girl", in which Sarah points out angrily that he's not taking the girl that "really has something to offer."

Kim Jong Il's BedroomEdit

A storyboard segment cut from the final film. It show's Kim Jong-Il's bedroom, in which he oversees the world in complete chaos, and gets high hopes that Alec Baldwin will convince the world that he's in charge. Then he goes to Lisa, strapped up in his bed in lingerie, that the new world is inevitable, and hopes to marry Lisa, in which she downright refuses. Kim then tells his men to prepare the F.A.G. to start the broadcast, as the hour is at hand, and leaves with them. Lisa tries to struggle out, but tells God if he has a plan.