A list of deleted/extended scenes and outtakes that were shown in the Team America World Police Uncensored DVD in the Special Features menu.

Gary Outside of The TavernEdit

An extended version of the scene where Joe tells Gary, disguised as Hakmed, about the tavern, with slightly altered dialogue, and Gary learning from Joe about Lisa's feelings for him & Carson's death, and tells Gary to be careful with her, with Gary saying "Let's just hope I'm still alive to be careful with anybody." before heading to the tavern.

I'll Never Be A Racist AgainEdit

A deleted scene that starts off with Chris & Joe after Gary decides to quit the team. Joe tells Chris that cigarettes are bad for their health, while Chris points out that they can save lives. Spottswoode points out that their mission in Cairo was his fault, as he say that he let racism made him overzealous, an clouded his judgement, as he was so sure the ultimate terrorist is Middle Eastern, he didn't realize it was a "goddamn gook", and vowed he'll never be racist again. As Gary prepares to leave, Spottswoode tries to convince him to stay, but Gary points out everybody hates them now, with Spottswoode staying everyone hated Winnie the Pooh too, which Gary pointed out they didn't, but Spottswoode does, claiming "that cocksucking bear killed Jack Kennedy."

Gary Fights The GuardsEdit

An extended scene of Gary's shootout against the North Korean soldiers with more additional soldiers being killed, and Gary going hand-to-hand with some more soldiers surrounding him.

You're Puppets!Edit

An extended scene of Martin Sheen & Tim Robbins guarding Joe, Chris, and Sarah, in their jail cell. The scene shows that Kim-Jong Il were the ones to instructed Martin & Tim to make sure Team America does not blow up the peace ceremony. When Tim calls Team America "corporate puppets", Chris tells the two they're puppets, and they call each other puppets, with Sarah telling the two guards they're puppets for Kim Jong-Il.

You're Gay NowEdit

An outtake on the scene after Gary performs oral sex on Spottswoode, Spottswoode, voiced by Trey Parker, tells an altered dialogue of how he's going to make Gary a complete soldier in very little time, with the added line "That's gonna be hard, because you're gay now." with causes some laughter, and the Gary puppet looking angry at the camera.

Choreographing "Lease"Edit

An outtake showing a crewmember choreographing the Gary puppet on the "Lease" set.

Anytown, USA ExplosionEdit

An outtake on the USA explosion scene from Kim-Jong Il's plans to detonate the WMDs during his international peace ceremony

More SerouslyerEdit

An outtake & deleted scene showing Ben Affleck, portrayed as a hand puppet, with Meryl Streep.

Tonight's NewsEdit

A deleted scene featuring the BW News, a British news company, showing a news anchor reporting the Chechnyan terrorists deaths by Team America, and the French & Egyptian World Leaders lashing out the damage Team America has done on Paris & Cairo.

Team America Ate My BabyEdit

A deleted scene during the Mount Rushmore protests showing Michael Moore making a documentary on Team America, and has a bystander saying "Team America killed my mother." and "Team America ate my baby." before saying "Down with the fascists!"