"We are not your enemy, furry ones. You will not attack us. Your captors are behind you, Shebas. Show your anger to them."
Sarah is a member of Team America who helps out in the war on terrorism. She comes across as friendly but also a bit loony due to believing she has special mental powers. She see's her fellow team member Joe as more of a brother than someone she can be romantically involved with at first. She is attracted to Gary when he first arrives and is best friends with fellow team member Lisa. Their friendship is brought into question however when the two of them find themselves competing for Gary's affection.

Early Life Edit

Sarah was the top empath from Berkeley's School for the Clairvoyant in San Francisco. From other's perspectives however, she seems to be clairvoyant only about the obvious.

At some point, Sarah was recruited into the team by Spottswoode. While in the team, her fellow team member Joe grew feelings for her. He didn't tell her how he felt however as he feared she wouldn't be interested in a guy like him. Joe confessed his feelings to fellow team member Chris, who constantly advised him to tell Sarah how he felt. Joe never did however and Sarah felt of him more as a brother and never knew he liked her.

Background Edit

One day, Sarah, along with the rest of Team America, heads to Paris, France to prevent a terrorist attack. She arrives on the scene in the team's Jet which she pilots from the sky. She chases after a fleeing terrorist who flees into the Louvre. She then fires missiles at the terrorist and takes him out along with most of the building. Things go wrong however when a surviving terrorist kills her fellow team member Carson, forcing Joe and Chris to shoot the terrorist dead.

Later on, Spottswoode arrives back at the Team America H.Q. at Mount Rushmore with new recruit and Broadway actor, Gary Johnston. When Sarah first meets him at the base, she begins to develop feelings for him. After Spottswoode tells Gary about the team, Gary declines the offer to join and leaves. He later returns however to be part of the team.

Sarah then assists the team on the mission to Cairo, where Gary infiltrates a terrorist cell run by a Chechnyan Terrorist. While in Cairo, Sarah confesses to Lisa that she is attracted to Gary. After Carson's death, Lisa advises her not to get involved with another team member as it is too painful should they be killed. When the terrorists learn that Team America are onto them, they flee with Gary in a Jeep across the desert. Chris and Joe chase after them, unaware Gary is amongst them. Sarah infiltrates the bar Gary had entered and kills everyone inside. Sarah then learns that Gary is not among them and tries to let Chris and Joe know. The communication is interrupted and they fail to receive the message, forcing Lisa into action to save Gary. She succeeds and the team then return to Mount Rushmore to celebrate.

During the party, Sarah asks Joe for a dance. Joe happily agrees and the two begin to get close. Sarah asks Joe if he thinks it's alright for team members to date one another. Joe is happy at the question as he believes Sarah means him, when in fact she is talking about Gary. The following day, the team learn from I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E. that a massive terrorist attack occurred at Panama Bay, a revenge attack from Team America's involvement in Cairo. Gary blames himself for the deaths and decides to leave. Lisa begs him to say and Sarah learns that the two of them slept with each other, causing Sarah to dislike Lisa. Gary leaves and the team are sent into battle with terrorists. Sarah is shot down from the sky in her Jet and crashes into the water. She is then captured along with the other members and taken to North Korea.

Sarah and the others then learn that Kim Jong-il has been behind all the terrorist attacks and has imprisoned the team at his palace in North Korea. Kim then tells them his plan of global mass destruction. After Lisa insults Kim and calls him a lonely man, a word which Kim detests, he angrily decides that Lisa will get a front-row seat of the carnage that will unfold. His guards take her to the theater room while Sarah screams at him to release her and says she forgives Lisa for sleeping with Gary and that they're still friends.

When Gary arrives to free them after returning to the team, Sarah is pleased to see his return. Joe suggests the team split up but Sarah wants to pair up with him, suggesting she now likes him more than just as a friend. The two of them then enter a battle with the terrorists. They chase after Sean Penn and Danny Glover, only to be lured into a trap. They get stuck in a locked room and Kim Jong-il's pet panthers enter the room to eat them. Sarah then uses her mental powers despite Joe telling her she doesn't actually have them. However, it works and the panthers savage Danny and Sean to death. They then catch up with Gary and Chris and help stop Tim Robbins from killing them. Sarah then accompanies the team into the theater where Gary has to face off with Alec Baldwin. Gary manages to win over the crowd, resulting in Kim Jong-il and Alec Baldwin's deaths. After Kim Jong-il reveals himself as a Zypod and flees the palace, Sarah joins the rest of the team as they head for their vehicles and prepare for a new mission on the war against terrorism.

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