"Let me explain to you how this works. You see, the corporations finance Team America. And then Team America goes out, and the corporations sit there in their... In their corporation buildings, and, and, and see that, they're all corporationy, and they make money. Mhm."
―Tim Robbins
Tim Robbins is an actor and one of the members of the F.A.G. (Film Actor's Guild) who hate Team America.

Background Edit

Tim is one of the main members of the F.A.G. and acts as the guilds second-in-command, ranking only behind Alec Baldwin. He is effectively Alec Baldwin's right-hand man. In a news interview on Evening World News hosted by Peter Jennings, Tim actively criticizes Team America along with fellow actors Alec Baldwin and Sean Penn. He later agrees to assist Alec and the other actors at the peace conference in North Korea hosted by Kim Jong-il. Tim and fellow actor Martin Sheen, are instructed to watch the captured Team America members. They refuse to let them out when the team beg them to be released, telling them that they're guards. A disguised Gary dressed as a North Korean guard arrives moments later and tells them someone has broken into the palace. Tim and Martin leave the room and Gary releases the captured Team America members. In the battle at Kim Jong-il's palace, Tim guards the entrance to the theater. An unsuspecting Gary heads towards the doors and gets kicked in the face by Tim who knocks him out temporarily. Tim then prepares to set fire to both Gary and Chris with a can of gasoline. He is interrupted midway through however by Sarah and Joe. As Tim faces them, Chris knocks him to the floor with his leg. Shortly afterwards, Tim fights with Gary. Gary's head is slammed against the floor by Tim, but moments later, Gary gets the upper hand by slamming Tim's head against a vase. Tim is then grabbed and hit against the floor by Gary. Afterwards, Tim produces an MP5 submachine gun and an AK-47 Assault Rifle and points them towards the team. He tells them it's over and prepares to kill them, but suddenly Chris reveals to Tim that he has some bad news for him. Chris turns around with a lit cigarette in his mouth which he drops on the floor. The gasoline is ignited and Tim is burnt to death and engulfed in the flames.


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